Picture this- your driving down the road in you brand new red sports open top – You,ve just retired ( took voluntary redundancy actually) and the nest egg you,ve got has paid for your long time coming hearts desire.(well it,s paid for some of it) The clock reads 120 (k`s that is – after 30 years of clean driving we,re not getting nicked now) Still lets pretend it,s MPH. In a fit of nostalgia and with a bit of male menopause you,ve dug out and donned your old 70,s gear.(carefully hidden from the wife) Ah the paisley shirt , the tight trousers with flared bottoms (had to wear the wife,s girdle to get them on) and the kipper tie ,complete with the beer and sick stains that`ll never come out. Your ginger wig has long gone in the wind to be reclassified as road kill, your teeth tucked in your top pocket just in case they go the same way. Lets have some rip-roaring road music!

(Honest this guy exists I,ve seen him and it scares me .I,m not far behind)


Status Quo and the Beach Boys
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Billy Joel  
Mott the Hoople
Bob Seeger
Piltdown Men
Smash Mouth
Black Sabbath

Fun Fun Fun
Fanfare for the common man
We Didn't Start The Fire
Golden age of rock n roll
Old Time Rock & Roll
Goodbye to Jane
Piltdown rides again
I,m a believer